My Reading List

Reading is important to me. As for most people, the quantity of digital dominates, but I've never forgotten the added quality, sensation, and permanence (as opposed to ephemerality) of physical books. Thankfully, I've gotten back into the habit of actually reading the physical books I buy.

In the past, I used goodreads to keep a list of book "shelves" and reviews, but that website doesn't seem to be maintained much. So I've decided to maintain my own list of books and reviews, for now.

My scoring methodology [to be further filled in]: I _do_ give "perfect" reviews, if I feel that a book realistically couldn't have been done better.

Title: Mere Christianity Author: C.S. Lewis Score: 100%.

Mine Were of Trouble Author: Peter Kemp

The Art of Clear Thinking Author: Hasard Lee

The Physics of Resistance Exercise Author: Doug Brignole