Why Blog

First of all: No promises I’ll keep this up. It could die like most blogs.

I love to write. Hence this blog. I’ve started by deploying it to GitHub, and when you read this it may be on my website.

Since I’m a software developer, deploying content on GitHub is straightforward. And since I wanted to start writing before having fully figured out my web presence, it made sense to start here.

My particular needs

  • Why Astro.js? Wordpress became over-complicated, and if I’m going to invest more time, I might as well use something developer-centric and more flexible. Astro uses technology I already know well: JavaScript, React.js, CSS3, and Markdown.
  • Quick deployment: I created a build + deployment process that allows me to instantly locally preview any change, and deploy to my hosting provider (Siteground) with one rsync command.
  • Since I intend to frequently publish Mathematics, I need to be able to use LaTeX embedded in my content. Astro allows me to do so.

Why do I love to write? Writing is many things:

  • Writing is a creative act. It spurs your imagination, encourages further thought, confronts you with nebulous thoughts, and much more.

  • Writing in public and online showcases your mind, ideas, and thoughts, to all of humanity. There is an essentially limitless universe of potential connections to make, collaborations, and discoveries.

  • Writing in English, or any other human language, is analogous to writing computer code: it’s about directly translating your thoughts and imagination onto the screen or physical paper.

  • Writing is about language and linguistics. Which word is the best choice? Can I be more clear, cogent, and succinct? Am I being to convoluted or complicated?