Software Engineer

Pieter de Jong is a Software Engineer with 7+ years experience in industry, including consumer finance, e-commerce, digital agriculture, and solar energy. He started programming at a young age on pre-Pentium PCs, when Windows 3.11 was the standard and noisy modems connected you to the Altavista "directory of the Internet." Professionally, he started doing front-end Web development, growing into fullstack development over time.

After immigrating from Amsterdam to Baltimore in 2011, he then arrived in Silicon Valley for an internship at WePay, a consumer payments company. He realized he was a Technologist at heart, and fell in love with the culture of Silicon Valley and technology thinking in general. Over the decade ahead, he would work for companies ranging from seed-stage to public, on teams small and large, scrappy and quick-moving versus larger and highly structured. He has always sought to apply his passion and skill for applied mathematics, developing an interest in machine learning and other areas of overlap between math and code.

Recently, he is working as a Senior Software Engineer and first outside technical hire, for a rapidly growing startup, on a product with a powerful mission. He is also pursuing a part-time, online MSc. in Computer Science at Georgia Tech ("OMCS"). As if that were not enough, he aspires to someday attend Johns Hopkins' Master's program for Applied and Computational Mathematics. He likes to write (on this very website), code (GitHub whenever there is time), and read (see section above).

He is currently located in Miami, having previously lived in NYC, San Francisco, Palo Alto (Silicon Valley), and Baltimore. Before that, in 2011 he immigrated to Baltimore from Amsterdam, and got an internship at a Palo Alto payments startup in 2012, marking his professional start in the tech world and his acquaintance with Silicon Valley.

In his free time, Pieter codes on GitHub, works out daily, is learning kickboxing, and reading his favorite accounts on X.